Winners of the first 25 Approved Article Submissions

We are so excited to announce the winners of the first 25 approved article submissions. With the launch of the Toddler Friends blog we decided to start by giving all the amazing lifestyle suppliers out there a chance to submit an article and win a free banner!

Submissions came pouring in and here are the first 25 approved article submissions, and the winners of free banners on the Toddler Friends Blog!

  1. Absolute Perfection
  2. Adri Meyer Photography
  3. Carike Ridout Photography
  4. Carla likes photos
  5. Coba Engelbrecht Photography
  6. Corene Photography
  7. Corinna Tannian Photography
  8. GingerAle Photography
  9. Izelle Labuschagne Photography
  10. Ilze Louw Photography
  11. Joanne Markland Photography
  12. Judith Doubell Photography
  13. Kikilove
  14. Lika Photography
  15. Little Red Rabbit Happy Stationers
  16. Lovilee Blog
  17. LVstar Photography
  18. Magical Moments In Time Photography
  19. Palm Photography
  20. Photo Chanelle
  21. Rensche Mari Photography
  22. Saysha Baker Photography
  23. Simone Franzel Photography
  24. Susan du Toit Photography
  25. The Famous Frouws

Thank you so much for all the article submissions we have received. We are so excited to showcase your work and can’t wait to receive more articles from all the amazing suppliers out there!

<a>Toddler Friends</a>

<a>Toddler Friends</a>

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